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7 Best Sponge Nail Art Designs

To make a Sponge Nail Art style on your nails, you would like some completely different colours of nail paints and a sponge. A coat has to be applied as base the remainder of the colours are going to be additional on the sponge so patted on the nails. this is able to build the colours merge into one another while not having any border line that shows their partition.

1. Simple Sponge Nail Design:

First paint all the nails with chrome yellow and let it dry. Then take orange nail paint on a sponge and pat it on one half the nail. the tip ought to have a darker impact of orange nail paint and therefore the middle ought to have very little of orange and small of yellow which might build each the colours look as if they need united into one another, giving the particular sponge nail art impact. Please note that the bottom ought to be of a lighter color so once the sponge is employed with a darker shade, the lighter color won’t be visible.

2. Shades of Blue Used in a Sponge Nail Art Design:

The nail art appearance utterly hypnotic. 1st paint your nails with a light-weight ocean blueness nail color, then take a darker blue within the sponge and pat them on the lower aspect of the nail. The portion in between ought to neither be too dark nor too lightweight, which might build the colours combine with one another superbly.

3. Hearts on the Sponge Nail Art Designs:

Lovely reminder cream and white ought to be applied on totally different nails as an alternative, or within the method as shown within the image below. Take the cream color nail paint and draw a heart within the middle of the nails painted with white. currently take peach nail paint on a sponge and paint the higher half the hearts.

4. Funky Sponge Nail Art:

Funkiness is trend. Paint your nails with lightweight colours like chromatic peach and take black nail paint on the sponge. Color the nails and keep one nail to be painted utterly black. Coat glitter nail paints on the highest then stick stickers for the nail arts even as we have a tendency to see within the image. Stars and circles ar unremarkably used. A sticker within the form of a music note would build it look funkier. this is often the most effective Sponge Nail Art style for beginners.

5. Double Sponge Nail Art Design:

This is one amongst the foremost tough and fascinating nail art style you’ll be able to ever realize. 1st paint your nails white then from the highest to the lowest take completely different reminder violet and paint them with a sponge. The paint merges and it’s lightweight colours at the highest and dark colours within the finish. currently do a similar factor within the wrong way. Paint white once more and sponge shades violet from bottom to the highest. currently each the coats ar in numerous directions and every one you wish could be a nail keep on with build 3 strips in between and to form each the coats visible.

6. White and Blue Sponge Nail Design:

Paint all of your nails white showing neatness and so take sky dark-blue nail paint on the sponge and pat vertically on the correct half the nails and your [*fr1] done. to feature on to the nail art you’ll take a skinny nail brush and create styles in different dark colours.

7. Colorful Sponge Nail Art:

We can see however all the four colours of red, blue, yellow and inexperienced area unit place during a sponge and painted one by one, superbly merging all the four colours along and giving it beautiful look. however likely taking all the four colours in one sponge, altogether, won’t work the correct means. in this case all you would like to try and do is, paint them one when another patting the colours on the sponge so on your nails.

Sponge nail art styles area unit best nail art concepts for beginners. This styles area unit terribly effective for your nails

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