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9 Easy Winter Crafts For Kids and Preschoolers

Burrrr!!! It’s winter time!!! Can’t go out to play with the cold winds blowing? No Problem!!! Here are some adorable crafts to keep your little ones busy at home in the winter. These crafts will help you kill the time and get some wonderful gifts ready in no time.

Simple And Easy Winter Craft Ideas For Kids And Preschoolers:

Have a look top 9 winter craft ideas for toddlers and preschoolers,

1. Felt Monster Mittens:


These square measure terribly easy and straightforward winter crafts for preschoolers to form. Trace mittens templates on items of felt and stitch them along. Embroider the nose and stitch buttons for eyes. These templates square measure promptly accessible on several sites. you’ll use Dragon face / Lion face / Shark face as templates. children simply love carrying them and making their own horror stories

2. Plastic Cup Snowman:

These square measure the terribly straightforward winter crafts for adults with a pronto accessible material. All you would like is a few white plastic cups, a stapler, and coloured chart paper. Staple the cups aspect by aspect to create circular balls – one massive for the body and one little for the top. Cut out 2 massive circles from black card sheet paper. For the nose, you’ll use orange chart paper or simply stick a carrot. It’s a really nice project to urge youngsters concerned.

3. Finger Painting Winter Tree:

A happy time for toddlers to mess around, you just need a sheet of blue paper, a black marker, and non-toxic white paint. Draw a tree with the black marker or you can tell the kids to make a handprint of the tree. Drop white paint on the background to show snow falling and your child can fingerprint snow on the tree. This is a wonderful idea to keep your toddlers busy on cold days.

4. Paper Cup Snow Man:

For these winter paper crafts, you need 4 Paper Cups, Pipe cleaners in black, white and other colors, Black paint, Scissors, Pompoms, Markers, Glue, Push pin, Blue, white and black construction paper. Draw eyes, mouth with black marker and stick orange pipe cleaner for the nose. Stick black pipe cleaners for hands and dress up the snowman as per your imagination. This one is a very creative idea for a showpiece.

5. Paper Cup Village:

All you need to make your own village – Paper Cups, Sketch pens or markers, Chart paper in bright colors, Felt cloud stickers, corrugated craft sheets, Glue, Double sided tacky tape and Scissors. The village is very easy to create; all you need is your wild imagination. Make flat cones out of colored chart paper and stick them as roofs. Stick them on green chart sheet and add some plants made out chart paper and stick colored flowers on them.

6. Ice Cream Stick Snow Man:

You need some Ice-cream sticks, sticky tape, white and black paints, markers – orange and black, 2 black buttons and red fabric ribbon. Paint around vi sticks with white paint. once the paint is dry, stick them aspect by aspect with sticky paint. Draw a line and paint the highest aspect with black paint for the hat. Stick red fabric ribbon to the hat. Stick black buttons for eyes and draw a bowed line with black marker for the mouth. Draw the nose with orange marker and Voila your frozen dessert Stick figure is prepared, this can be a simple craft and pleasurable for teenagers.

7. Toilet Roll Polar Bear:

Don’t throw away the toilet roll tube. Just use it to create a cute and lovable polar bear. It is plain and simple to make. Just hand over the stuff to the kids and they can make it in a jiffy. All you need is – a toilet roll, white chart paper, black marker, glue, pink sketch pen and 2 black buttons. The child can make it by just looking at the picture. Go on!! Boost him!!

8. Winter Accessories Frame:

The fantastic ideas of winter arts and crafts for kids are to decorate your home with used woolen accessories like a cap, muffler, socks, gloves etc. Place the woolen accessories as per your choice in a box with a large frame. It is a remarkable way of displaying your old, unused woolen article. Go ahead and give it a try.

9. Gold Feather Necklace:

Teenagers & Adults get bored sitting reception as they can’t exit within the cold, freeze weather. simply create a Gold Feather jewellery as a part of winter craft activities. you wish Clay, gold paint, knife, a Laburnum anagyroides and after all a kitchen utensil. Roll out the dimensions of you wish that ought to be approx. 2 mm thick. Use the knife to draw a line through the middle of your feather. Draw several tiny lines from the middle line to the outer finish of your feather. Pierce a hole at the highest to let the chain have. Let the clay dry. Then paint it with gold color. And Hey fast, your Gold Feather jewellery is prepared. Stutter around carrying it. you’ll additionally create a try of matching earrings.

Chase away your winter blues by making wondrous crafts by utilization recent stuff. Wall decors, gift articles, Christmas tree decorations are often created to stay away your tedium throughout the chilly winter weather.


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