Extreme GIFs of People Who Stuck the Landing Perfectly

This is the best way to put on your swim cap.

Forget pulling it over your head like some kind of casual.

Jump into it or just leave it off entirely.

For those who hate parallel parking:

Be glad that at least you don’t have to try to do this every time you park your car. You’d quickly end up with a lot of bills and zero driveable vehicles.

I don’t think this one is completely real…

… But it brings me so much joy that I don’t even care.

Someone get that cat some driver’s training!

This one’s not graceful, but it is impressive.

Did the waterslides of your youth ever have a giant gap to jump like this one? I’m guessing probably not.

This next person has also mastered life on the water…


There’s so much to admire, here.

The expert swing, the multiple flips, and (of course) the perfect landing.

Written by sara

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